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    My Username: {username}

    Player(s) Being Reported. CosmickingShrek
    Username: {VladDracul}
    UUID: {uuid} (You can get it from
    Punishment Tracker URL:

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)
    exploiting, harassing,

    Overview Description of Report
    {overview} at 8:13 pm Mountain Standard time. Before this I tp to turse to help him with repairs Next thing I know cosmic Appears in Turses base and kills him. I logg out. I logg back only to be killed by a Skelly or a Zombie Cosmic placed exactly where I logged off. Then I see on live map Cosmic tps to his base. After a few minutes he /backs and attacks Turse Turtle again.

    This should be Illegal Using a /back to attack players repeatedly.



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    He was camping my base. Also he tped a few people in including JUSA and everytime I went back to my griefed by cosmic base JUSA killed me (it happend about 3 times)

    The turtles will rise...

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    It’s perfectly legal, unless he died then /back’d. If he is actually harassing, let’s say 6 kills (5 puts him automatically in jail) or more within a certain time frame. Your report suggests he killed him only twice within that time frame, did turseturtle die a lot more?

    Aaaaaaactually…there was a (fairly) recent staff thingy confirming it is only ok for non-pvp purposes. Given that they  were on at the time, I’m sure @smokeyriver, @lawzoneon, and @lucky can confirm.

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    In that screenshot i was responding to vlad.

    Its still the same nothing changed, /back is ONLY not allowed after pvp deaths.


    Max here: It seems Freke was misinformed about the situation

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