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    Myself and a few others I’ve noticed have had some connection issues – I’m not sure how it is for anyone else or them specifically but since the update rollout I had “sudden” loss of connection (ALWAYS in the late evening EST). But, in the last two-three days instead of it being a sudden/random loss of connection its now constant and endless. Pre-update I averaged 50-80ms ping or less, post-update I averaged 80-150 and now I cannot get below 200 (as of the last 3 days).

    I’m not sure if anyone aside from the few people I know of are experiencing this, and if there possibly was a server-side change that could impact this.

    To experiment, I tested other servers where I (have always) had 20-40ms ping & still do, without any connection drops.

    Thank you,

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    Yes, 1.18 doubled the chunk size. This is why I put out a PSA in Discord, if you do not follow the discord anoucements, please read my updated fix lag guide on how to fix your clients for 1.18+ with doubled chunk sizes, you are receing not only double the data PER CHUNK but also you are now geting 7 render distance, where as before it was 4! The sheer amount of extra data coming your end to load the world has massivly expanded.

    Make sure to also read the networking section to test and improve your network connetion


    How to fix Minecraft lag

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    Right, I adjusted my settings & tried all I could listed on that forum you made (which is really cool that you made it) but it all did nothing.

    Testing connection to Germany & such? I still get a good download & amazing upload (80-100mb). I have fantastic internet and I have no issues with any other 1.18 servers (I’ve played a variety, while PMC was offline) and not a single one had me above 50ms ping, some being based in Europe.

    I’m not sure what tf to do now, as in times like right now when I’m writing this I literally am unable to so much as log into the server. Server-List shows me having 150-180ms ping but when I log in its 4000+ and I can’t do anything on the server prior to being kicked.
    Strangest fucking thing is, 1/2 of the day I am able to play great… normal… and have absolutely no delays for HOURS! Then into the night (EST) around 7-8pm it starts doing this to me.

    Anyway, idk wtf the problem is lol

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    Hey hugs,

    I have the same issues – despite NZ internet companies giving everyone a massive boost in speed recently I haven’t been able to play since the server came back. I get 4000-18000 ping every time I teleport even with Godsy’s advice and I’m not really sure what to do anymore.

    uhm, my next plan was to buy a VPN and get a bypass to see if that would work but I’m short on cash as I’m currently moving. Godsy also said that wouldn’t work, and would probably cause more connection issues, so idk.

    I don’t really have much to offer in terms of advice, I just thought that knowing staff are having issues too would ease your mind a little.

    – atal

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    bruh a vpn is 5 bucks a month. I can recommend ProtonVPN.

    Sincerely Tulips

    - Honest, friendly and peaceful Citizen of Piratecraft

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