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    Hey all,

    I’m dorkito101, and for anyone who doesn’t know me I’m an old player who recently became active again. I was scrolling through the Piratecraft timeline on the wiki, basically having throwbacks and reliving the memories, etc, etc. (apparently I was credited as a harasser back in 2015, 10/10 can verify it was true back then xD) Basically I reminisced on all the fun memories I had, such as Elven Brewing Co., countless failed attempts at creating an empire, and basically things that I liked doing, which I now realize is basically things that don’t necessarily require PvP if that makes sense lmao


    ANYWAYS, I want a new project, and since all I can see help requests on the forums, I decided to liven up the forum and ask you guys for ideas. Here are some that I’ve thought of:

    – Museum (smokey kind of has one, I would probably finish/expand it)

    – Brewing Company (Elven Brewing Co. pt. 2 lol)

    – A newspaper covering news that happened throughout the week, maybe a video or just a post


    idk, whatever you guys want to see done that can be done by me, an ordinary player, that will benefit the piratecraft community 😀




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    if u can brew liquid fire and all that jazz I shall give 50$ from the National Lancastrian Liquor Association in good faith.

    The Clown (on leave until further notice)

    Not iwanio
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    Regarding “A newspaper…” that already exists (ish, a bit inactive) with Maxy’s Anchor Articles.

    Election Commissioner of the British Empire

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    also the elves were disbanded A LONG time ago.

    The Clown (on leave until further notice)

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    If you want to take over for a bit with the Anchor Articles be my guest, I don’t have much time

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