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    The bible needs a serious update, I thought maybe this would be a good thing to have public so anyone could help amend or update it, I’m going to trial doing his via the Wiki as opposed to github as there is a bit of a learning curve for github, just make edits to the Wiki page https://wiki.piratemc.com/Bible

    Sadly we cannot use a normal book in-game as the book is generated using the text file I have posted to the Wiki.

    Take great care in counting the character length in each row, and how many rows there are, as this has been specifically designed to be perfect fit for pages in a minecraft book.
    You can fit 13 rows per page on a book. and the width of each line is about 27 characters (cant remember exactly), including spaces excluding formatting codes. This is one of those jobs that needs doing, and does not have to be done by me! Please someone take 1 of the millions of jobs that need doing!

    Credit where credit is due; If someone decides to take this on and refurbish the entire bible then we can share Credit in it (Every player & everyone is capable of doing /kit bible) and I get daily “You wrote the bible!” messages, so Credit will only be credited where its due, if you add/edit a couple of lines don’t expect your name on the credit list! On the other side of it, if you put in some serious effort and testing for formatting for the bible, then it will be added, I made this bible, and it took me about 47 revisions to get the formatting right on pages due to how specific the character length needs to be.

    Alternative via online book tool

    If you have a solid idea for how to re-make the bible but lack the patience to learn the formatting for the code in the Wiki, then feel free to re-make the bible in your eyes using this tool:

    •  http://minecraft.tools/en/book.php

    I use this for making all my in-game books (Apart from Bible) due to how easy it is to format & copy in ASCII art, you can also copy the generation code into pastebin and copy the pastebin link in here directly! And then we can figure out how to get that into the Bible.

    If this method ends up being a better method, I will change the method I use to spawn a book for a player when they spawn.

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    Guess I’ve got something else to keep me occupied also now.

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