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    For starters no I did not /sellclaimblocks. Yes I have $45k. It was mostly donations from Keto. Thanks Keto πŸ˜€

    Last time I checked my available claimblocks it was just over 10k, but now I have 900. I know I should have one claimblock for every minute of playtime, so 33 days 6 hours = 798 hours x 60 minutes = 47880 claimblocks – 33921 already used = 13959 available blocks.

    I believe (although I might be wrong) that when I got my playtime fixed to match ESC>Stats, my claimblocks were reset (900 minutes ago sounded about right). That’s the only major event in recent weeks as I definitely did not sell them or claim anything new.

    Thanks for the help

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    When did this happen? Exact time and date please. Have you been offline for 9 days? We had an issue on the 30th that affected the Database that screwed up Crews, I was hoping it was just the crews plugin.

    Also that math doesn’t work, that’s not exactly how it works. Claims are given out every 10 minutes, so if you log before the next batch is given out, then you’ll miss out. So if you put that into ALL the time you have played, that really really adds up. You will have dramatically less than that. Here are my claim-blocks for comparison.

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    I’m hoping to hell Silences plugin to fix playtime doesn’t touch any other of the database tables, its possible but unlikely. The playtime is its own entity and wont affect the GP claim blocks, they are given in 10 minute increments and not calculated on time played.

    • Topics: 15
    • Replies: 23
    • Total: 38
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    I’ve been online I think every day since the 30th, but that date is about the time I believe my claimblocks disappeared so it might be the culprit. If it had anything to do with getting my playtime fixed (whether that caused it or not) I searched through my logs and had that fixed by Yeti specifically on 7/28 just after 7 pm Central Time.

    It’s hard to prove that I actually lost them without sounding like I’m trying to get a bunch of free claimblocks πŸ™ but I know for a fact I lost at the very least 10,000 blocks that I’ve saved for many months of playing. I’m typically on for well more than 10 minutes at a time when I’m on (usually hours straight) so I don’t believe my total claimblocks should be all that off but certainly would be a little less.

    Is there a way to backdate just my claimblocks to either one of those dates without affecting the other stats?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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