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    First off, I’d like to thank the server owner and all the staff for providing a -wonderful- multiplayer Minecraft experience. My son and I have learned lots and equally have had great frustrations with some folks (good life lessons for the kids, painful at times, but lessons). We have enjoyed it so much so, that my 8 year old daughter now occasionally gets on to play as well…..hence the multiple personalities you see with our two accounts (MAB and SGB) as it is shared by an 8 year old girl, a 10 year old boy, and a late 40’s father (no, not a mother as dpex81 accused me of being. My daughter …when she gets into creative mode…puts on elytra, flies around and insists that I watch her as she calls me ‘mother’…thanks depex81 for that -lifetime- supply of fecal matter from my kids; Hydra cares!).

    The point of this post is to ask for clarification/understanding not complain. —-We accept what has been done.

    We had a claim removed without notification and we would like understand why. When wandering we found an –unclaimed- iron farm. Thrilled beyond words, we claimed it and used it. Recently we went back to get some more iron and found the claim removed and under another player. Let’s be clear here: we did not build it (kudos to Bengtsen for his amazing work) but we did fairly claim it when it was unclaimed. The rough coordinates can be provided to staff, but we don’t want to post in a public forum Bengtsen’s location.

    Respectfully I’d like to ask the staff that removed our claim and gave it to Bengtsen:

    A)           Why was that done? What rules did we break?
    B)           Why were we not at least told it was being done?
    C)           Did we get those claim blocks back? (Yeah, every bock counts!)
    In the future if the claims of semi-active players are removed, can staff please consider at least a courtesy mail be sent to tell them.</p>

    Bengtsen; we understand that you likely wanted that farm back. We are disappointed, but in all fairness we recognize that it was yours originally. I’d just like to understand how/why this happened as I grumble to myself while I’m mining in the pits of the world for iron until we can make our own farm…. 🙂

    Thank you,


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