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    My Username: Phenyxflame
    Coordinates: x: -1,246 , y: 64, z: -1496
    Claim owner: <Mabzy6543>
    Time the Claim owner has been offline: 1 Month, 9 Days, 15 Hours
    Claim Size: 9×9
    Reason: We built our base(s) inside of the nearby Mountain, and expanded a dock out into the water, we have worked with this claim in mind, but after a month, and nothing having been done with it, we need to be able to clear and build in it for our base’s systems we’re putting in, it’s prevented us from expanding the base further out into the water

    Nothing seems to have been done with it, i’m about to check for underground building as well just in case.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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