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    Blu Pearson
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    Hey guys, From now on I will not do any claim removals or regen requests in game. All requests must be posted in the proper thread or it will not be taken care of.

    Request to remove claims

    Since becoming an admin I have tried to be as helpful as possible when im in game, not only find the hacks and cheats but to do things like check out old claims people wanted removed, land that people wanted regened, and other server maintenance.

    Once word got out that I would come check out claims I began to get at anywhere from 1 to 5+ requests to remove a claim every time i logged in. I didnt mind checking these claims out and seeing if they met the requirements for removal.

    Most were no problem like noob chest claims or small claims (under 2000 blocks) with not much on them or under them and no loot etc.. that were abandoned for a year or more. Most requests were made by someone that was building or expanding their home/base/town and ran into a claim that blocked them.

    Then there were the other requests from folks just wanting take advantage of my helpfulness to take over a base or get some loot. These folks were not building in the area and just finding old claims and hoping I would just unclaim them so they could raid the place. I caught on to most of those requests and denied them.

    The problem that taking requests in game causes is that there is no easy way to access a record of the event or the conversation in case of a dispute months after. Unless a specific date of the event can be given so we could go straight to the log, its pretty much gone. Just one day of the console log can have tens of thousands of lines to search through so trying to find one event in several months of logs is like finding a needle in a haystack without at least a date to work with. Such as the most recent dispute the_network brought up.

    So to keep things as transparent as possible there needs to be some sort of record of the request and and its conclusion.

    This is the way Godsdead had intended it to work from the beginning so when a dispute arises theres a written account with all parties involved and thats how he had written the original claim removal request forum post.

    I was irresponsible in not adhering to the ‘no requests in game’ rule and for that I am sorry to both you the players and Godsdead.

    Thank you

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    Heh, I went through the same process, This is why we have a a dedicated forum for it now xD!

    It always amazed me the patience you have with players Blu.

    There are always a few players that ruin it for everyone else.

    Well, Blu top man for getting this far with in-game requests, I cant deal with /msg any more, drives me utterly bonkers!

    From the other day, was on the server maybe half a second? “Hey give me concrete blocks“.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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