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    Hello guys, its Nahadoth, just making this quick. If there is any way for you Godsdead to remove /claimexplosions from anyone but the owner of a claim or someone with permission trust it would greatly increase the crew aspect. Right now we cant have new people join crews because if you try to make a crew base, giving anyone access trust or trust, they can turn claim explosions on. This makes it difficult to share a base or make crew bases because too many people are able to turn on claim explosions and let anyone use a cannon outside the claim to destroy the whole build. If only the owner or people with permission trust can turn on claim explosions, then a lot more players would be able to take part in building, or crew bases.


    If you cant remove permissions specifically depending on trust level, it might be worth it to take a pole and see if it might be worth removing access to the command all together.

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    hydra would hate this

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    I personally don’t agree fully with this. But, if it was more like only people with /trust to build can toggle it, that I would understand. The people who actually do share claims with trusted friends would be unable to toggle without their friend on to do it. This would create a problem for many crews who have giant multi-claimed bases.
    So to turn it to owner only would be bad. But making it so people with access/container trust can’t toggle would be understandable.
    That’s just my opinion, anyone else is welcome to share theirs.

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    You are setting your claims up wrong.

    • Use Subclaims.
    • We now have /restrictsubclaim – modifies subclaim trustlist to not inherit the parent trustlist

    If you setup subclaims you can set up permissions for use of just that sub-claim, setup areas you want them to have access too.

    If you “trust” someone to a master claim, you are TRUSTING them. Lol, its kind of in the name.

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