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    This is a rough guide to those of you who want to farm for certain things/want to know how rare or valuable some of the drops are. This is all based upon my observations, and is not official. I’m also not going to spoil too many of the legendary items either, so sorry :/


    I will list the items in the following categories:

    • Common – One of these items dropped almost all the time
    • Uncommon – Item dropped every 20-50 kills ish
    • Rare – Item dropped roughly every 100+ kills, worth grinding these
    • <b>Legendary</b> – Dropped only by certain mobs, or only a few times each day, definitely worth grinding these


    Common Items:

    • Leather Armour (Humbugs Hat, Jolly Tux, Tinseled Trousers, Twinkle Toes)
    • Gold Armour (Nut Cover, Rusty Breastplate, Jolly Jingernuts, Mistletoe Sweetfoot)
    • Iron Armour (Cranium Defence Decor, Beer Gut Holster, Twerkable Leg Covers, Moonwalkin Slippers
    • Plastic Sword  (wooden sword)
    • Lake Sabre (iron sword)
    • Winter Buster (iron sword)
    • Santa’s Frosting (custom snowball)

    Uncommon Items:

    • Elf Poop (custom cocoa beans)
    • Not Your Christmas Cookie (cake)
    • Lump of Coal (custom coal)

    Rare Items:

    • Doubloon (golden nugget)
    • Present (custom present head)
    • Naughty of Nice List (custom book)
    • Princess’ Plug (custom diamond)
    • Chainmail Armour – Seems to be very rare for some reason (Brown Bag Protection, [no idea, haven’t got any more])


    • Liquorish Whip (custom diamond sword, very low drop rate from Santa)
    • Ommys Toy (custom diamond sword, very low drop rate from Frostie)
    • [Enchanted Tool] Very low drop rate from regular mobs
    • [Enchanted Tool] Extremely low drop rate from regular mobs
    • [Custom Item] Extremely low drop rate from regular mobs
    • Possibly one more…


    Hope this helps some people!

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