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    Ahoy! I thought since our /staff was years out of date I would tackle it tonight, and it took me the entire evening!

    /staff now shows all online staff including helpers, builders and build leaders now, /staff 2 lists all staff and their commands and I have moved the inactive staff to an inactive panel so players now know who the active staff are.

    • I have re-formatted /staff and /staff 2 to reflect staff online and list all current and inactive staff.
    • Role change, The_Network will no longer be dealing with any moderation and was moved from RearAdmiral to Housewright, from Admin to Build Leader, so he no longer has any moderation/admin tools, but can now promote/demote craftsman (builder) across all servers and is building a build team, so get in contact on discord.piratemc.com.
    • Role change, creeprr was moved from Housewright (build leader) to shipwright (Developer) and will be working on custom plugins/fixing broken plugins, shipwright is the same color in game as housewright so not much change apart from title for creeprr at present!
    • Removed ranks from inactive staff: javainvader, PaulOnFire, Chailey, KellyYore, they are all welcome back if they start to playing again.
    • Created missing /Maximus_Terragon, /lazydog11, /emielreijs, /pythonace, /The_Network, /creeprr (updated lucky to /_freke_)
      These will be active from the next restart.
    • Updated /mountainrasta and /Lawzoneon to have the right colored usernames.

    Now at some point I need to update the website Team page.

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    I already updated the team page

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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