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    • Removed server teleportation via portals plugin. These were portals at /warp travel that teleported you to the other servers and to N/E/S/W based on a poll if peolpe used them or not it was 30 didnt use them and 12 did, portals are mostly a hub thing, I didnt want to confuse players, I will replace these with NPC’s at /warp travel when I get time that will mearly open /travel.
    • Added /wild, this has come up a lot recently. we HAVE had a portal that randomly teleported new players at /warp info, but it did put peolpe into claims, this new /wild should respect claims and only put the player into land they can build in! Aswell new players are accustomed to the /wild command.
      • This /wild command is being tested live to make sure it is ok, so while its in testing its only available to Donators & Staff with a cooldown time of 10 mins (ONLY DURING TESTING, DO NOT FREAK OUT)
      • There is a /wild [north/south/east/west] to pick a random location in a direction
      • As a community we need to decide who is allowed to use /wild and how long the cooldown needs to be. Im thinking only deckhands need this with a cooldown of 30 mins between uses.
      • There is an option to not use the command and use a portal instead
      • Its set to 5000 and -5000 from 0, do we expand this further?
      • Its possible to add a cost for each use, but atm its free.
      • There is a warm up timer (5 seconds) so it can’t be used to escape PvP like another warp/home.
    • I changed the in-game poll system database to be MySQL over flatfile so I have more options with it, sadly it didnt import the existing polls (Lame).
    • Updated Analytics’s plugin
    • Updated BuyCraft /donate plugin


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    • Topics: 686
    • Replies: 3182
    • Total: 3868
    • ★★★★★★★★

    I’m happy with the /wild testing.

    • /wild id now only available to Deckhands and Commodore+
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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