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    Just maintenance.


    • Updated backend for map web-server.
    • Updated main OS/Spigot/Bungee Servers.
    • Updated WorldEdit
    • Updated Vault
    • Updated Auto-Ranking (Check your /rank)
    • Updated Vote plugin to collect votes
    • Updated /wiki British empire which formats wiki pages better now!
      • Headers, Sub-headers, Table of contents, jumptos & links.
    • Updated WorldEdit & The Async plugin that works with it.
    • Updated chests plugin at cove.
    • Updated NPC’s
    • Updated Custom scripting plugin, which in turn broke.
      • Broken, Ill backdate tomorrow for next reboot, so for 24h the key drops will not work.
    • Added a new dependency that was required.
    • Updated punishment plugin
    • Updated another dependency plugin
    • Updated Shop plugin
    • Updated chat plugin
    • Updated Analytics plugin
    • Added a brand new plugin for cross server /coin’s but its got a bunch of issues with the latest version (sigh)
      • Ignore the UUID messages when you log in, these shouldnt even be shown to the users let alone even happen, the dev screwed up.


    • Updated cross-server chat bridge plugin
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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