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    I bought the captain donation and 15 minutes later i reset my minecraft and log in and the game said i didn’t buy the captain donation

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    You need to wait a little longer for the donation to register properly; Also are you sure you entered the correct username when you donated? Your username seems a little long and complex so there may well have been a mistake.

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    Could you please provide us with your in-game username and when you bought the captain rank. I think more information would surely help @godsdead or any of the admins. Also, please don’t make two separate threads: it won’t get you help any faster and it is just annoying.

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    Godsdead checked buycraft for your purchase and you didn’t buy any rank.

    Either you didn’t pay or you are trying to bullshit us to get a free rank.

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    I figured it out, i made a mistake in my info so it did not send through, i am so sorry for all this trouble over my mistake i didn’t notice

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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