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    Okay so say you don’t want to waste 20 dollars on captain but you want to have 5 set homes. I’m suggesting you could buy certain perks from donator ranks so people could buy inventory organizer or amount of cannons you can build or just instant tp for a certain amount of time like 5$ for like 2-3 months of instant tp (price is a example not suggestion) but anyways this popped into my mind and I’m pretty sure other people would like this anyways point made I just thought it might be a neat twist to have certain perks you could donate for.

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    First of all, you put this in what seems to be the right forum, so good job! And yes, I get what you are saying, and why it would benefit you, but.

    Donator ranks come as a sort of bundle. Either you buy it all together, or none at all. If everyone could just pick out the best bits and pay for them, well, it would make donating much less special.

    Furthermore, it probably messes up the permissions system, with player X having instant tp, player Y having /top, and player Z with /craft. It isn’t as easy as just giving people permissions. It took a while to re-do and add just two new ranks, I imagine it would take quite a lot longer sorting permissions for all of the different features of donating.

    The server already offers the ability to buy ranks, money, claimblocks, staff heads, and even custom items. Something not all servers do. If you want (some of the) the features that regular donators enjoy, you’re getting the whole thing.

    Plus, if I could have instant tp on its own, I would donate for that, instead of the whole $20. I get what you are saying, but I think quite a lot of people would just go with paying a smaller price for a massive bonus in-game. Likewise with 5 set homes. The price of these features would have to be quite a substantial amount in comparison with say, captains rank, to ensure captain is still worthwhile.

    At the end of the day, its money that’s going towards keeping the server up and running.

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