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    Howdy everyone,

    If you’re reading this, you may be interested in applying for a position on the buildteam. If you are accepted to the buildteam, expect a trial period before moving on to working on actual server projects. Additionally, expect to work for a minimum of several hours a week once being assigned a role.

    We are looking for talented builders, terraformers, custom organic builders, and ship builders.

    Roles of a Craftsman

    • Must be a talented builder; being able to creatively come up with builds, yet follow a base style that the Housewright has assigned. Skills in fantasy/medieval styles are a must. We are not looking for people who can build modern houses and/or skyscrapers.
    • Must be willing to work as a team and take orders.
    • Be able to communicate on Teamspeak/Discord voice chat. Context gets lost in text, and working fast in teams is easier with voice communication.
    • Must be willing to finish build projects on deadlines that have been assigned.
    • Sufficient knowledge of WorldEdit and VoxelSniper is preferred, but not necessary when starting the job. You must be willing to learn how to operate them, however.
    • Being active is a must. We are not looking for people who apply, build for a week, and then drop off the face of the earth.

    How do I apply?

    Please apply through this link:


    If we are interested in you, we will contact you through one of the contact methods supplied.

    What Perks Do I Gain If I Become a Craftsman?

    If this is what you thought of when you saw this post, you are not who we are looking for. Do not apply.


    - Buildy Squad Leader
    - Governor of Vendigroth
    - Founder and Former Emperor of SPQR
    - Former Minister of Justice of the British Empire
    - Current Lord of the British Empire
    - Member of the Conservative Party in the BE Government

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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