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    So recently I’ve been getting more into the brewing side of PMC. It’s really fun to mess around and try to get your brews up to 5 stars. However I’ve all but run out of new brews to make, because few people sell recipes and it’s not easy to just guess the ones from the website by name. Now I know Xeron left so there is no one to run the brewing operations. There are hundreds of recipes on the website that are un discovered, and many of the ones that are discovered were by players who lost since went inactive. As a player who joined in 2020, I don’t have access to the old brew hints that used to be put up at /warp brewing, nor can I ask those now inactive players for the hints. So I really have no way of discovering the many brews listed on the website. I’m just wondering if a staff member, probably an admin, could maybe take a few minutes to look back at Xeron’s notes and maybe re-release the brew hints for older recipes. Not the functional brews probably because veterans would get angry, but more common alcoholic brews. it would give the new player base more opportunity to discover the brews for themselves and move on from just making tequila and grog. This is not a criticism of the server in any way, just wondering if us newer players could get a shot at rediscovering old brews. 🙂

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