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    Welcome. Situated at (-4200, 3800) in the far South-West Sea. the Boom Docks is a new Town currently under construction and looking to recruit pirates (job listings below). As the home to the (newly formed) League of Free Merchants and founded as a trade haven we will have much to offer including:

    • Safe Haven for your ship
    • Various farm types
    • Assorted accommodation
    • Drinking establishments
    • Crafting aids (enchanting, brewing, etc)
    • Shops
    • Mod trading
    • Ship construction and sales

    When the town is fully operational an open event will be held.


    Please note that not all of the following buildings are yet complete or operational but will be shortly.
    Communal Buildings and Facilities:

    Murray’s’ Inn
    Rum Roger Jr.s’ Brewery
    Small Brewery
    Potion Stand
    Town Square
    Mob Trading Post
    Governor’s Mansion – Including a enchanting room and library
    Scumm Bar
    Mob Spawner
    Pig Farm
    Cow Farm
    Sheep Farm
    Chicken Farm

    The following lodgings are available for crew members. The best accommodation is for the highest ranking crew members.
    Crew Bunk House
    First Mate’s Quarters

    Recruiting, Jobs and Alliances
    The League of Free Merchants is newly formed and looking to recruit members and form trade alliances.
    Any pirate interested to live and work at the Boom Docks will be assessed and if accepted will receive a welcome pack consisting of food, equipment, and rum. They will also be given access to crew accommodation and various amenities. New residents will reside in the crew house but private lodgings will be available for senior positions.
    The LoFM is looking to establish trade roots between allied ports in order to export and exchange items, mobs, and ships.
    Any pirates interested should message me or make their way to the Boom Docks (-4200, 3800).

    Job Positions
    I am going to trial a profit share salary scheme for all farming/crafting positions. Which means that you will get to keep a share of whatever resource you in charge of so long as you return at least the minimum amount to the designated store each week. For jobs where this does not apply salaries will be negotiated. All positions will be supplied with accommodation, access to amenities, and regular free food and drink.

    Description: Manage the farms to ensure a good return.
    Head Farmer [Salary 20% of items farmed & private lodging]
    Farm Hand [Salary 10% of items farmed & crew lodging]
    Head Lumberjack [Salary 20% of logs cut & private lodging]
    Lumberjack [Salary 10% of logs cut & crew lodging]

    Description: Manage the brewery and keep up an output of good quality drinks
    Head Brewer [Salary 10% of drinks brewed & private lodging]
    Brew Assistant [Salary 5% of drinks brewed & crew lodging]

    Inn Keeping
    Description: Manage the Inn, serve drinks and tell tall tales.
    Inn Keeper [Salary 10% of drinks sold & private lodging]
    Bar Staff [5% of drinks sold + tips & crew lodging]

    Ship Construction
    Description: Design and construct different classes of ships
    Naval Architect [Salary: pay structure on ship class & quality & private lodging]
    Carpenter [Salary: pay structure on ship class & quality]

    Description: Diggie diggie hole. Diggie diggie hole.
    King of the Dwarves [Salary 20% of items mined & private lodging]
    Excavator [Salary 10% of items mined & crew lodging]

    Embassy & Marketing
    Description: Travelling across the map to established trade relationships with foreign ports and furthering the LoFMs’ reputation.
    Ambassador & Trade Liaison [Salary 10% of sales & private lodging]

    Description: Ensuring the safety of the citizens of Boom Docks. Raids and intimidation of enemy ships and bases.
    Lead Enforcer [Salary to be negotiated & private lodging]
    Enforcer [Salary to be negotiated & crew lodging]

    Description: Selling various wares and keeping inventories in stock.
    Shop Keeper [Salary: 10% of sales & private lodging]
    Shop Assistant [Salary: 5% of sales & crew lodging]
    Independant Shop Keeper [No Salary. Rent to be negotiated]

    Thanks for reading and I’ll see you out on the big blue wet thing,
    Captain Gorden

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    Could I live there? I’m a merchant, and an Elve. I don’t have an elvish town to live in. I would be staying elvish, just living in a merchant town.



    P.S. you should add a potion maker.



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    Aye I’m working on housing atm, should be a few properties to choose from soon. Potion Master is a good idea, thanks.




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    This has got to be the most epic name for a town ever!


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    Haha thanks PaulOnFire. It’s a homage to the Edge Chronicles (The League of Free Merchants’ docks in Undertown were called The Boom Docks).


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    Oh God, I actually read those! Why the heck didn’t the name ring a bell?! XD


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    They were the best 🙂 Especially the Banderbears.

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