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    Well I was thinking the other day about new ships and I came up with about 2 new types.

    1. Dreadnaught

    This would have to be powered by a couple of furnaces I think one for each size and all need to be burning at the same time.

    It would also need to have 2 ‘paddles’ on the side with 4 ‘sticky outy bits’ which would be like some stairs which the minimum size would be 2 stairs long.

    If one was bigger than the other every couple of blocks it might move a little bit so if it kept going at cruise it would end up going in a circle



    minimum size

    maximum of blocks: 250-500

    To work needs minimum of 2 stair long paddles on either side of the ship.

    and 1 Furnace


    medium size

    maximum of blocks: 500-750

    To work needs minimum of 4 stair long paddles on either side of the ship.

    2 furnaces


    maximum size

    maximum of blocks: 750-1000

    To work needs paddles 6 stairs long at the minimum

    powered by 3 furnaces


    The Dreadnaughts would also have to be over 25%  Iron on the ship to work and this would have a health rate of two blasts from a cobble stone cannon ball and if the paddles where hit the boat could start going around in circles or might rotate or just stop.

    These ships would bring in a new age to Pirate Craft.. The Industrial age!!

    Their pros

    + Iron acts like armour and has life

    + The boat would cruise

    + Paddle Boat tourist attractions revenue would go through the roof

    Their cons

    – If lots of water got in it’s Iron body would act like stone and it would sink quicker than normal.

    – Its costly

    – If stolen you would get sad 🙁

    So that’s my Dreadnaught Idea I didn’t really know what speeds but another con could be the fact it’s Iron it goes slower or that could be ‘neutralised’ out because another could be it’s steam powered so it goes faster or something.

    I know it is a bit far ahead in time, but because it’s quite costly I think there being no kit for it to be made would make it good so someone has to make it from scratch and that Captain rank or Commander can only build it.


    2. Midget Submarine.

    This came as a brain child of me wanting quite small submarines.

    They would be powered by Furnace and be made up 50% Iron.

    Can Cruise (don’t know who many blocks they could skip).

    But also they could be used as suicide submarines so they could even be used as torpedoes but I have a con for that.



    Block limitations: 60-200 (50% Iron)

    Speed: Maybe round about 3.0 or 5.5

    Blocks used: 50% Iron (blocks the coder can choose i.e. GodsDead)

    Rank: Boatswain Or Gunner or maybe a new rank like Submariner!?


    + Small and Stealthy

    + Can travel underwater

    + Can cruise

    + Could be packed with explosives and blow up


    – You can only go so far away from it was built i.e. it can only go in about a 500-1000 radius from when it was built.

    – Claustrophobic

    – Gets lonely down their…

    – You might run out of air… eventually

    – Has to have someone driving it or in it


    So yes the con is you can’t go very far that means if it was attached to a submarine/ship the midget submarine would be activated from where that ship leaves and moves from so it would count as a ship in it’s own right and if was attached to a ship/sub someone would have to be in it the entire time for it to move and if not it wouldn’t move.

    So there you have it a midget submarine and a Dreadnaught as well if the midget submarine is accepted an idea for a new rank maybe 😀

    Thank you for reading and taking your time on my ideas, I will be happy to answer any questions or tweak anything if a mod or owner likes the ideas I have listed thanks again.




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