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    Does anyone here invest in Bitcoin? I’ve followed bitcoin since it came out, but never looked into mining (too late now) or even setting up a wallet!

    Does anyone here trade or have/had used Bitcoin I could talk to?

    Ic3y ;]
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    no point buying it now – its just a craze, and soon there will be a huge crash and they will devalue again


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    Sure, you shouldn’t buy them now though – even the manager of the national bank in Denmark says it’s unstable.

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    For sure don’t buy anything right now ! The craze will subside and you will probably loose.
    I did mine for a while a few years back but unless you build some serious GPU-machines its not worth paying the electric bill for them.
    A pretty good FAQ is here

    Good luck.

    Proud Member of the Piratecraft history 🙂

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    a few of my friends and their families are into it, not actually having bitcoins but track its progress. for sure do not buy now because it is only going up in value, and any profit you gain will not be as much if you are to wait until it comes back down.

    also being a cryptocurrency (not based on any physical items) it can be unstable and lose its value if something was to happen.

    im not an expert in the subject but i would wait to invest if you desire to.


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    Don’t be tempted, its a ‘bubble’ – it’ll keep growing, faster and faster, and then the price will drop sharply. Its happened with the previous cryptocurrencies. People lose thousands.

    While it may become an inevitable way of trading in the future, that kind of future ain’t here yet – and so many bankers have warned about the hazards it brings.


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    I have friend who make a living off of bitcoin so he has given me quite a lot of history and info. If you got any questions just hit me up and I would be happy to share what I know.

    Who is Cooler than the Cactus?!

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    Bitcoin has a practically no worth, but it’s worth is only if it is used and there are only a certain amount.

    Apart from that, it has the worth of the ingame eco money.

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    Today I took out a $325,239 equity loan on my house to purchase 191.118 bitcoin. from Bitcoin

    This guy took out a $325,000+ equity loan on his house to buy BTC. That amount is now worth $2.724.959,49. lol.

    I personaly wouldn’t invenst into bitcoin though, it’s too risky.

    Dark Guard
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    Bitcoin is a risky thing to invest in, but it can be very rewarding. I recommend you buying a fraction of a bitcoin (rather than the whole thing), if you really want to. You dont have to spend the whole 13k. As for bitcoin mining, unless you have a powerful, dedicated gpu that you want to use, theres no point. You would  lose money just using your everyday PC because of electrical bills and gpu aging.


    For what @palmerageddon said, all currency only contains the value that people put in it. People could start valuing pmc money, and make it equal to the euro for example, and that would be perfectly legit. We could buy a car with it, if both the producer and consumer agree on its value.

    Think about it, ig money on the server only has value because of the people who play.


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    I made a whopping £0.01 for about 4 hours of Mining Monero XMR, I was mostly looking into how to obtain some small amounts of Coin to just learn how the entire system works, Not investing money in Bitcoin or any other Crypto, Monero looks like its the easiest to mine still while still holding a high price, and having proper anonymity when sending/requesting.

    Its super interesting, Monero XMR can be mined using Javascript, its what The Pirate Bay trialled as an alternative to adverts, using their users browsers to rape their CPU’s to mine for them instead of using adverts. Don’t worry im not going to do that on PirateCraft! Makes loading the website mostly unresponsive and causes crashes. But its interesting, as anyone can literally sign up to one of these Monero web based mining websites and Mine Crypto without installing anything on their PC.

    Anyone fancy Mining some Monero with me to test out how sending/Monero works? I just want to learn how it all works!

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