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    Hello everyone it is I VladDracul

    Wanna share a funny story a few actually.

    So a few days ago Khanye sieged me in one of my claims and eventually lost the siege.

    A week latter I decided to pay Khanye a visit and return the favor.

    Everything was going so nicely until who would you guess BenedictCosmic arrives and kills me ending the siege on Khanye.

    Oh I almost forgot to mention Isen was allied with SPQR the crew Cosmic is a leader in when this happened.

    Promptly after that Isen unallied SPQR.

    I mean why keep a crew ally if there is a leader who does not care about alliances or rivalries. Kinda defeats the purpose of an alliance which is helping your allies get stronger and build Friendships.

    Not kill them. Something BennidictCosmick has yet to learn.

    After that he said I quote you { you know unallying SPQR means I can kill you as much as I want now}. Well that is kinda what he had just done so not much difference.


    Ho ho that reminds me of another funny cosmic story.

    So there was this one time Cosmic joined shrek with the meme bois and then we left and rejoined SPQR. Funny thou he kept his name CosmickingShrek along with his friendships in the crew Shreks THAT WAS RIVALS WITH SPQR the crew he was a member and Leader in.


    You probably want to know why I called him BenedictCosmic. Well it so happens that he decided some of his allies. Along with Mass destruction of claims and killing players multitple times. not saying killing is bad but when it is your Current allies your killing and destroying there claims. It shows what kinda person you have in your crew.

    I truly wonder if this is the will of Rome or the Will of Egotistical emperor.

    We all remember too well what happened to the Last emperor of TNRR



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    Tsk tsk tsk.

    ProWil (formerly Wilson Manzer),
    General Secretariat of The Papal State
    PirateCraft Veteran, circa 2015.

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