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    Now, after little over a week after the ended election I can finally Present the new cabinet of the British Empire to you all, BE members as well as all other inhabitants of PirateCraft!

    Some might already know, others may yet still not be informed that the great election we held last month had three candidate pairs, who fought well to win the race of becoming the Prime Minister and Vice Prime Minister, the two main leaders of BE.
    I myself believe everyone did their best to show how they themselves would bring new light into The British Empire and guide this crew in the coming six months. I am therefore also honoured to be amond one of the two individuals who won the most votes in the election, making me the new Prime Minister of the empire and Lawzoneon, my second in command, the Vice Prime Minister.

    I have in the past week been busy appointing the new upper governemnt and I can finally say I have concluded my search and I will therefore jump straight into presenting these talented individuals, whom in one way or another have shown their abilities and loyalty towards the crew.

    So without further ado I would like to present to you..


    Gildor_stinky – Home secretary

    He will manage many of the major building projects within the empire and also control our finances


    CaptainCrackerz – Minister of Defence

    He will take command in all PvP related issues with foreign individuals, who pose a direct threat to the BE


    BGraph – Minister of Justice

    He will take care of all domestic crime, whether it be BE members being aggressive towards other crews, or stolen items from fellow British neightbours, BGraph will make sure justice is served.


    Lazydog11 – Minister of Recruitment 

    She will once again stand for organising the influx of new members to our great crew and train them properly in the best manner possible of the given circumstances.


    Bazurka – Foreign Secretary

    He will generously consider proposals from friendly crews to ally the BE and also nurture our long standing relations with our loyal friends.


    PaulOnFire – Election Commissioner

    Yet another successful election won’t hold back Paul, he will be with us once again in the coming election, give advice in important decisions and help manage the crew any way possible.

    This is the cabinet as I have presented it to you, these are the future faces who are to manage the British Empire and make sure it does not cease to exist. We must bring fourth and build on the Foundations we created only three terms back!

    Curent lords of the empire is:


    Candidates that are up for Lordship or renewal of lordship are:




    Votes will be held in the BE Group shortly.

    Dismissal of lords, due to inactivity::


    Founder of Port Hope

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    Now is it that the Home Secretary chooses the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Commisioner chooses the Media, and Minister of Justice chooses the Commisioner of Police?


    Congratulations on the titles, I hope we can achieve many things this semester with you guys in charge 🙂

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    Founder of the Coalition

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    Keto, read your ingame mail


    - Buildy Squad Leader
    - Governor of Vendigroth
    - Founder and Former Emperor of SPQR
    - Former Minister of Justice of the British Empire
    - Current Lord of the British Empire
    - Member of the Conservative Party in the BE Government

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    @CaptainCrackerz you have no Jedi wisdom to defend 🙁


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    The respective Ministers will appoint these themselves.

    Founder of Port Hope

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    Nice, & hope we can work together in the next coming months on the League Of Nation matters.

    Also, which party is this? You didn’t state the aims of the new government.

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    I’m sure we can Work together in LoN towards common goals 🙂


    It’s the BisLaw party 😀

    Nah, there are no specific parties atm..

    My aim for the coming term is to grow and Prosper in a peaceful way, BE has always been a crew that promotes Peace and I am not going to change that. We will be focusing on Building our Capitol, London, and generally just try our best to make this server a great place and get along with as many people as possible.

    Founder of Port Hope

    Crazy Pirate
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    Just thought I’d bump this, a few people are unaware of the current government.

    Also, as I wasn’t around at the time, congrats guys!

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