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    Current Username: Ironic_Iron
    Username when banned: Ironic_Iron
    UUID: UUID e00722c9-9fdd-458c-91bc-941a91fc273e
    Your punishment tracker link:

    Banned By: Taulov

    Unban Appeal

    I swore at Taulov, and I am very, sincerely sorry.  That is the jest of it, but I would like to explain my logic and reasoning just incase because I believe I should have been punished by a simple locker, if anything.  I would also like to give the full story.  It all started, today, when I decided I should go buy some keys, because they would be 50% off due to the “black_sails” code.  I bought 2 stacks and a half of keys, and only got one 5 star.  This made me very frustrated, (because it costed $25 irl bucks) and considering I was very close to getting others, but didn’t.   I was in a very bad mood, hence I tried to relieve my stress on one of the people who was being very toxic to me and who made me very disappointed of myself for only getting one 5 star event from the crate.  I swore at them, and they swore back.  In a few seconds, Taulov told us both to stop swearing, but because I was typing I couldn’t see the message they sent, so I sent my reply to the toxic guy.  This got me a 15 minute mute, which made me fuming.  at first, I tried to explain that I didn’t see his message until I sent mine, however this didn’t work, and I assumed that Taulov couldn’t see my messages when I was muted.  So I decided that I could relieve some of my stress by talking bad about Taulov, and that it would be fine because he couldn’t even see my messages anyway, and if the only thing that my trashtalk did was make me feel less mad, and it didn’t hurt anyone, why not?  However, it turns out he can actually see what I type when I am muted, and this makes me feel very embarrassed that I swore to him, and I am truly sorry.  I will never do that again, and instead of I have to relieve my stress, I will do it somewhere else, not throughout Taulov.  Taulov, If you would still like, I would like to make a formal apology to you, outside of threads.  I am truly sorry, and if you could, I would still like to play on pmc and have a fun time.

    Sincerely, Ironic_Iron

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    I accept that you handled while made, and since you are mature enough to see that. I will shortern your ban to 1 week.


    Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order

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