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    Current Username: TrumpForLife
    Username when banned: TrumpForLife
    UUID: abd13448-90f3-40b3-a6e8-7cc52df43a43
    Your punishment tracker link: https://imgur.com/a/izD2a13
    Banned By: GodsDead

    Unban Appeal

    I’d like to begin with apologizing to you, Gods – as I know that it came off as I was attacking you/staff as a whole but I want to further explain how that was not the case and I’d never do that.

    I had sent you the direct message: “please taken into account LEGO’s constant harassment against me over the last week. His now accusing me of harassing him, inciting flooding of chat after scamming me with Torkey/Xeron, and claiming around my bases & causing constant messes for admins to clean up.”

    This message was sent following an argument in general chat where I was attempting to ask LEGO for the $ (nicely) and he attacked me. This argument got quite into it and then you began typing in chat / putting slow mode on. Once this happened, and following a staff members informing me that “Staff discussions were getting heated” over the scandal, I had guessed you were involved in the settling of it. I also believed this due to the fact of it being a staff-related issue. I was wrong.

    I had GUESSED that you were involved with settling it and I was wrong to do so. I wanted to clarify this up in direct messages prior to being banned for it – but I unfortunately was unable to do so.

    I was wrong to have guessed that you were involved, as I had (in the heat of the moment) not thought through the fact that you are not involved in moderation on the server at all. It was my mistake for asking you to consider the recent occurrences as you would not be the person to consider them whatsoever.

    I apologize for going out of my way and messaging you, as you were not the person to message. But I hope that my confusion in the matter can be understood at the slightest. I do not believe I was in the right whatsoever and I understand and agree with your actions in return.

    Once more, I am extremely sorry for going to you – Gods.

    I only ask that you consider reducing my two week temp-ban (to calm down) to one week. I agree with the settling-down, and I’d like to step away for a week and get away from the ongoing controversy but I would like the opportunity to take part in the coming event.

    Once more, I apologize and am extremely sorry and I ask for your forgiveness as I did not intend to attack you nor would I ever intend to.

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    Closing to prevent drama.

    We will look into this thank you.

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    I think you misunderstand your temp ban, you need to clam down and take a break, your temp ban is because you cannot control your emotions.

    Going nuts in game, going nuts in discord general going psychotic agressive private messgaes to people that are nothing to do with your drama in game. Just not being capable of controlling your temper.

    You need a break, and after your break then you need to apologize.

    Denied, you still do not understand your actions.

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