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    <<< Hello, My minecraft username is GiiingaNinja, and today I goofed up. Big time. I made joke private messages to two people on the server about cybering. It was supposed to be a joke And i wanted to see what kind of response I would get. It was supposed to be a kind of prank/joke. But the people I sent it to thought I was being serious and rightfully informed a staff member. The admin then banned me for “asking ‘Cyber’ seriously get a life and some respect for yourself”. I am sorry, I didn’t mean it. I will not do it again, I swear. It was supposed to be a joke but now I see that I messed up big time. Could I please be unbanned from the server? I will not do that fake messaging again. It was a terrible prank gone wrong.

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    Well Giiinga, As a friend, I hope you get your ban repealed, however if you don’t, Let this be a lesson, not to prank msg people about cybering. it may not get the reaction you’re expecting. Good luck to you good sir.

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    Okay the funny part on this is the fact he messaged a “staff member” that, no one ran and told staff. I will also consider this appeal but may exchange the ban for an extended mute.


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    ok, but, that’s a mighty hefty thing to joke about, and I don’t know what you thought people would think, receiving a message from a random player saying they were an underage female looking to “cyber”. However, I suppose we have all made some bad jokes in the past. If you do get unbanned, just be sure to have a punchline next time so its not confused for a serious message, and try and tone the dark humor meter down from 8 to about a 6 or 7… I learned that early on.,%20First%20Emperor.
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    What’s all this ‘cyber’ slang that you folks are on about?

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    TIL whats “cybering” is.

    did this seriously get sent to you?

    What an idiot.

    Hey GiiingaNinja, at least you admit goofing up!

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    Hey now you know don’t make stupid jokes 😛

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