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    hey team now recently i was banned for xray which i do not use!i simply asked callie if i can use it 10 min later i was banned now im sorry if i did anything wrong but plz from the bottomof my heart i ask to be unbanned 🙁 this almost made me cry


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    I know onlly 1 server allowes xray ( ou of 155) it was closed for masive griefing xray is a horrible mod thats makes gameplay unfair.the admins cant take a chance. Now as im a fan of the 1.8 i know that xray cant be used because of the new way they made the blocks.( look it up)


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    Once you’ve hacked you’ll never go back. We can not take the risks, i’m sure there’ll be something new that’ll pop up very soon and people will be exploiting it. The fact that you asked means you didn’t read our rules. Those couple of minutes would of saved you massively. For now ban stays.


    Case Closed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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