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    Aluminum l
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    It has Came well aware all across the Server that PVP is changing and players are leaving. examples of these are : Romich02, IcyWizard1, Percket, Ryder, Alvaro, and Many more. The problem is PVP is not the same. The 3 Major Problems are : Lag, New Events, and No siege.

    The First problem is lag its key to the game.  I am not sure if it’s TPS drops or most people are in the NA or what the problem is but there is clearly lots of lag. A suggestion is to move the server host to U.S. Most players are NA even though this could cost more it will bring more people back, Meaning more sales and I think you would profit off it. Also The TPS is almost never stable so the same solution goes here too. To change the server host. Players get mad when they get pot lag which for the staff reading this who don’t understand that here’s a brief explanation. On this server the main type of PVP is POT PVP which means you throw HP pots when you get low to heal your self. Sometimes because of the lag you don’t get healed or its seconds or minutes late. In the PVP community we call this pot lag. So there is a big pot lag problem. You can kind of tell why this can be aggravating. If you have Gear that took hours to grind then you die and it’s not even your fault.

    The Second problem is the New events are to unbalanced. The new Iron Clad Shield is a great example of this. They are worth 1.5k-2.5k Which is very cheap for the value of it. Normally when someone has a mummy wrath and there under the strength II effect they would die in 4 Critical hits. A Critical Is is when you Jump and while your falling you do more damage. but with The Iron clad its either 6-8. That doesn’t seem like a huge difference however it is. Ask anyone who actively PVPS. My solutions Are either we can release a semi common event sword that disables the extra armor buff. This next one sounds silly but I think it may need to happen. It’s to Give everyone of them curse of vanishing. So The Value would sky rocket. while removing some from the game.

    The Final thing to help bring back PVP is to bring back siege. This command is a crucial command for PVP. We Need it so people can’t just leave so easily. I know you guys are working on it but It’s been months and Other and I Are sort of getting fed up with it.

    -Evan_Is_Tin_Foil (Aluminum123)



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    The lag has gotten better in my opinion. This server has surprisingly the least amount of pot lag I have ever seen. Compared to many other popular pvp servers. For instance, take a look at some of the old pmc montages and compare the lag to today. The lag is not bad at all, in fact the lag has gotten so much better. To say that the veterans quit because of pot lag would be inaccurate I would think because of how much better it has actually gotten. Now the event problem. The problem with event is the solely the ironclad. It is too common and gives 4 armor for basically no speed. I suggest that maybe in the next event we bring back the turkey carver but make it diamond or something to make it so people actually take some damage. Now if you were to go with his idea to add vanishing to all ironclads, I would suggest to maybe try to do something with the pumpkin shield because I would expect it to be really good. Now, I would not know if it would be very good but its just a speculation. Now time for the siege problem. I agree that not having siege is annoying but there isn’t much Godsy can do about that. He has to wait for the people that made the plugin. Thank you for taking time to read this post lol.

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    I agree with zhap that the pvp meta is based off of iron clad it gives +4 armour for no speed. and that its just sheild spamming from what i have seen from screen shares. Its you get hit u run into trapbase get out a cannon and try to caboom them. Also FIX SIEGE


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