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    Fire cleanses. Water purifies. Things that bring life, can also bring death. – Kanube, 2016.

    The time for our arrival has come upon us — the wait, the excruciating, time-consuming wait, has served its purpose. Like the semi-colon, the movement has achieved a state between our two main elements and we are not yet finished with the Equalists. You have been in waiting, in hiding (for fear of scrutiny, for fear of oppression) and for such, I thank you all.


    We have crossed paths before, multiple occasions. Today, our arrival will be momentous. I am still anonymous, in remembrance of those who have been silenced while peering into the countless eyes of the void, and have faltered in their courage not to fall. I will refer to one particular menace as ’Unknown.’ Unknown was a coward for a long time, but… there was no redemption for ’it’, no forgiveness, nowhere ’it’ could go. We would have suffered for the rest of our lives.

    • I beg your attention, Equalists of the world; breathe further life into our movement, let equality and equity flourish at once! Although, I showed people there was hope in this PirateCraft world, that they could change the world with their own virtu. Attention blossomed in our ideas, our ideals–my only regret is the pause between our movement. We will return stronger. The tyrannous of the server, we acknowledge you feel somehow threatened, and this allows you to derive anger from within. This insecurity and fear within you breed pain and anger, anger which is to be expected among the non-enlightened.

    You mustn’t hold on to your rage. Be at peace, embrace who we are and begin to walk the path of knowledge brought to you by the Equalist Movement: wisdom and truth; this is the way to true freedom and happiness. For far too long, the peace elite of our very world have forced us, players, to live as the lower class! We may tear down the peace group establishment with time, with meticulous planning and ever-lasting paces in this corridor of determination. With each careful stride, we launch ourselves further into achieving the ‘complete state‘ of PirateCraft.

    Balance Brings Greatness.

    Four years ago, I arrived and preached to you my desires, in hopes of giving the players a voice to rise above the elite oppression we face every day. This is the Equalist Revolution!. I believe in balance among this server, the balance between the peace groups and PVP orientated groups.

    But, this balance has since been thrown into chaos. The peace groups of this server have been bending the true way this server was supposed to be like for years,1time for change has finally come. Very soon, the current tyrannical peace group regime will be replaced by a fair-minded Equalist government. You and your fellow crew members will no longer fear overpowered “peace groups” taking over your PVP life.

    Join me, join us! Our Equalist government shall thwart the plans of the elites as they seek to quash our revolution, and the distortionists will continue to overthrow the balance we seek to enforce. Without balance, PVP in its traditional form is increasingly frowned upon, with peace reigning above all!

    My followers and I will not rest until the entire world achieves equality, either in the form of anarchy or chaos and once that goal is achieved, we will equalize the face of PirateCraft forever! The revolution has begun!

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