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    first a question, how were people stealing from ffa, might be able to find away to stop this by sifting through the codes my end.


    scond, is there anyway gods you would consider turning the arenas back on but only for one type. the skirmish mode would still work. bring your own stuff and lose it if you fail.

    1 life 1 fight. we have an arena built for it with a glass dome over the arena that the players will enter to begin with but cant see each other, give them 10 seconds to chicken out them into the pit they go.


    would give people a fair way to fight with out interruption.

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    Also, don’t forget there is a Plank arena. We could never get everything sorted plugin side; but if it could simply have a warp and/or inventory saving, it woudl work flawlessly.


    Look for the map compass looking thing on the map of cove; this game is basically a 4 way plank, where opponents attempt to punch eachother off. Last one standing wins.

    It wouldn’t even have to give prizes, honestly it’s just really fun, like spleef.

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    we still need a new spleef plug in if i remember correctly old one never got updated i believe. lets find one.

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    We’re not having arenas on the survival server, I have a separate server we will have arenas on, there are just too many people that abuse and steal.

    Server Projects and Master Thread List

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    Well, way to go stealers, ya stealers are all on me KOS list ∆ ∆


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