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    The only place to officially ask for help or request from staff is via the forums, this is the forum:

    Help Request Ticket

    You do not contact me via PM on the website/Skype/teamspeak/email/in-game mail/in-game chat or msg or any other form of direct communication.

    You create a help support ticket, unless its 100% only I can sort out, 99.99% of the time its not something only I can sort out, and usually reading or searching the website can yield your answer, only if this fails you then create a forum topic, if this does not work then you contact our staff, you DO NOT come direct to me.

    You are not a special snowflake, and your issue is not immediately important that it requires my immediate attention, I guarantee it, and its at the point where I cannot progress anything on the server because of needy-whiny people. 90% of my time is wasted just replying to people.

    I work full time, and have a very limited reversed time each day to do piratecraft tasks, at present thats 90% used up from replying to morons, that are too lazy to read.

    There is an exception, if there is someone doing something that will drastically ruin the server, that it will need to be immediately reported to me.

    TLDR: I need everybody to answer questions from other players, I cannot do this solo any more, and its impossible to get anything actually done.

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