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    UPDATE: I am now in a crew. However, my crew will be more than happy to ally with you. PCI pledges not to attack you at all costs.


    Hey British Empire, please read what I have to say carefully.


    I am not in a crew at the moment. If it took my joining a crew to get an alliance with you, I WOULD DO IT! But, I see that very few crews are actually allies with you, and none of my friends are in allied crews with you. So it is completely unfair for you to expect me to join a crew to get an alliance when there are no good crews I can join that ally with you. However, as you are well aware, my business is benefiting your crew to a large degree. I employ your crew members, and you buy my items from Penguin Co. at cheap prices. You have likely earned tens of thousands of dollars as a whole off my company.


    So, I don’t see any reason for MrYellowPvPPants to have trespassed into my base and CoffeeCola1’s base this morning, and also bring in some other BE crew members. I mean, he literally traveled across the world to annoy me at my base for NO REASON. When I asked why these crew members were there, I received no explanation. I nicely asked them to leave my area, but there was no response. When I warned Yellow to leave the area, he became hostile and murdered me, then robbed my diamond pickaxe. This is definitely inappropriate behavior for BE.


    Later today, he and some other folks from BE came back and then instantly murdered me! One of the guys told me that he was ordered to take my stuff but he didn’t. What gets me is you BE guys have nearly always expressed positive comments about Penguin Co., so I do not understand why you condone the killing of Penguin Co. members. These attacks attracted the attention of some other players on the server, who then came and killed me. So technically your crew has cost me a god pick, which WOULD have been used to get diamonds, some of which would have been distributed among the BE crew.


    All I ask now is three things: 1) A PERMANENT agreement that your crew members will stop harassing me and killing me, 2) that you reimburse me for what the attackers took from me (amounting to approx. $30), and 3) make MrYellowPvpPants apologize to me for his disorderly, unnecessary conduct towards me.


    If these requests fail to happen, and I receive ongoing harassment from BE members, I will have no choice but to BAN all British Empire members from my shop. I will also cancel ALL payments to my employees in BE. This behavior is completely uncalled for to a player who has benefited your crew so much and NEVER done anything to harm it.


    If your governmental system is too bureaucratic to allow for a reasonable agreement such as mentioned above, then I feel that BE is not worth doing business anyways.



    Owner of Penguin Co.

    Former Elven Empire Second-in-command

    Former President of the Ocean Republic

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    who were the members involved, also for any be member unaware of this WE HAVE AN ALINCE WITH COFFIE AND THE REST OF his crew

    royal navy shipwright
    developer of advanced armour for ships
    turns on hitboxes when pvping

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    Please look here:

    Fill in an application and we can start processing your request. You need to be a member of a crew as we do not sign NAP’s with individuals.

    As for these wrongdoings to claim we have performed, there are nothing the government can do about this, as you have not signed NAP prior to the attacks.

    I’m sorry if this wasn’t the reply you expected, but as the only crew on the server, we have laws that are written down on the wiki and are public to everyone, so that anyone can educate themselves on the laws of BE internally and externally and thus how to avoid hostile attacks from the BE – It is not our job to inform anyone all the time about this though, as this would be very tedious for the person in charge of it.

    Founder of Port Hope

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    @bislo1 Do these people even know these laws? Let alone the rules of the server, because I can highlight here that they do not, as anandak has told you that he has received harassment from some BE individuals, who have attacked him unprovoked.

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    Yes I know he mentions harramsent, but you know as well as I, that everyone on this server accuses each other of harrassment on a daily basis.

    to add to that, we as a crew, can’t control all our members all the time. I am sure though, that if we had proof of certain individuals harrassing, then we would discuss a punishment as we have many times in the past when our members don’t follow the server rules, but again, we can’t just punish all our members on the basis of what someone writes on these forums. No proof, no action – I have outlined a solution for anadak, so that he does not have to deal with BE attacks in the future, thats all I can offer with the information he has provided.

    I hope this answers your concerns

    Founder of Port Hope

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    The BE has an alliance with my crew, that Coffee belongs to. As stated by wiskey.

    ProWil (formerly Wilson Manzer),
    General Secretariat of The Papal State
    PirateCraft Veteran, circa 2015.

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    Correction We did not harm coffeee Mryellow was there and he did not steal the pickaxe. I was there for most of it when he came and most likely its due to your threats against the BE at the time. Last night Mryellow didn’t kill coffeee it was the people who cottage tpd in who killed her. Another thing to do to avoid this issue is also not threaten BE members?


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    Lol some empire..can’t control their own members…

    Death to da Brits
    Death to da Elves
    Death to da Fruits

    Heck..Death to Everyone 😀

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