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    First of all, this is more of a request. I have heard before that airships were planned and that they might be added. I was super excited but it’s been a while since i heard about them and i haven’t even recieved confirmation that they would be added. So i’m requesting that after the server will get updated to 1.13 you put adding airships on priority.

    Some requests for airships:

    can drop bombs

    can be acessed before boatswain

    can fly up to y=225

    can go faster than ships


    Why I think you should include my requests listed above and why you should prioritize airships

    1: it may lead to way more use of the ships plugin. People hardly sail ships because they are slow and vunerable. People can be assholes and some people like to epearl on a ship and kill everyone on board and then sink it. People are afraid their ships will be blown sky high and sent to the bottom of the sea. So people don’t sail. But if airships are added and they can fly high then you can’t shoot it from land or epearl from your boat. It will be safer for the people on the airships. So since ships can transport more cargo than people can airships will likely be used as the choice for short or medium distance cargo transport method.

    2:more unintended ship battles. All the ship battles on the server have been organized. You don’t see people sailing and then others sailing in a warship and shooting at each other with cannons. But if we have airships we will have more unintended ship battles because those assholes that like to blow up people’s hard work will have to get their own airships and fly up and then epearl or do a boarding manuver or risk their elytras. So the defenders can used cannons on their airships to shoot down the attacker’s airship. The attacker will then have to fight back or get their ship blown up so they will have to mount cannons and fire back or try to board. Boarding will ussually be impossible or too risky in these conditions because the defenders will either be too far away to epearl or you and your airship will likely be shot out of the sky. So we probly will see a increase in ship battles.

    3:Dropping  bombs means new oppertunities. Now dropping bombs provides a new way to attack and defend. You can blow up enemy ships and bases or blow up raiders in your base. Also it can provoke defenders to fly up and attack your ship because that would be their only defence. So it will mean even more ship battles. And isin’t more usage of ships and cannons pluggins what we want to encourage on PMC? After all it is a pirate server.

    4:better and easier sky bases. This is the common sky base, a box in the sky with water flowing down and a tube to the floor. it ussually goes up to y=100-150 because it is limited by how high your tube is and how long to get up by water elevator. But with airships you can assemble parts of the base on the ground and then fly it up or use your airship as a quick way to go up and come down or as a platform to build your base from. With this we could see entire cities in the sky that could serve as safe havens for pirates.


    5: if airships were to be acessed before boatswains it would be more assecable to players so more players could actully use airships leading to a even larger increase in the ships pluggin being used.


    Sorry if you are bored from reading this, i just had alot to say

    The turtles will rise...

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    You need to learn to use the search button.

    Im not going to repeat myself because you cant search, but TLDR is we are waiting for a more stable version of the ships plugin. we have been waiting almost a year for the fork to be usable.

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    The turtles will rise...

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    The addition of airships would be interesting. But does not at all help the server in anyway.

    Your point is to implement a craft which is better than ships in almost every way, due it being able to move in the positive y-axis and so make the use of movecraft boats inferior/pointless. So I don’t see that as a benefit.

    Your point about ship to ship battles is true, however I think airship to airship battles will be rarer. Due to the fact people will have to be looking for something incredibly small in the sky, fly to it and hopefully catch up to it. No I don’t think this will occur like some sort of spaceship mmo, there are no resources in the sky, and tpa/home/warp will always be quicker to transport large amount of stores safely.

    Dropping bombs will be the death of the server, people will grief like there is no tomorrow and will make the server EXTREMLY laggy, cannons right now are the way to go. In regards to your argument’s example, I’ll just mention claim protection and promptly destroy it. :/

    Your argument about sky bases is sound. However I don’t exactly like the appeal of sky bases honestly, and then people getting pissy about ‘so and so building a sky base near mine’. Your point about the Pirates (traditionally anyway) is wrong- they’re married to the sea, not the sky.

    Making airships accessed before boatswain will remove their value by MILES, I’m sure you just want this also due to not having boatswain rank. I will also give the point that if people did ALL start using the movecraft plugin at once, the server will indubitably lag.


    Anyway, I’m bored of responding to a request and points and reasons we’ve all see and heard before. If your going to say anything about boats right now, talk about how we could improve them- after reading through the thousands of topics on the same things. Its a circular argument.

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    Yeah, one point I’d like to make is that in your “point 3” you were talking about PMC being a pirate server (completely true) but that is not used to prove that airships should be added. Saying airships would be faster than regular ships (and I’m guessing vanilla boats too) you’re encouraging running- not fighting. One thing that is associated with a pirate is that the captain goes down with their ship. Saying people could just skrt away from people very quickly means more running, and running is one of the most common reasons for why people dont PvP on PMC *cough pearl cooldown cough*

    im a kau

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