A Storm is brewing… For the Queen Shall Return…

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    A Storm is Brewing… For The Queen shall return…

    Yes that Queen… One of the most famous players in all of PirateCraft decided to quit this great server, and sail away to their next Great Empire.. I’m talking about The Elven Queen Reptaria. The legacy shall continue as once foretold..

    These private messages are exact quotes from The Queen that were recieved during conversation with me today.

    “If you really want me to return you will do exactly what I’m about to ask you. Spread the word to the elves, to your friends far and near. If they want the queen to return they will support my rise. Restore order to the world, and most of all, to re- establish one of the most powerful empires in history.”(3 hours ago)

    “I need solid proof that I will have help enough to rise up or I will not come back.”(3 hours ago)

    “A new era just may come, and the queen, may be closer than you think.”(3 hours ago)

    “Very well. Spread the word, ‘A storm is brewing’”(2 hours ago)

    “When I return, I will build up slowly with my allies. Plan, and act. The world has fallen into chaos, now it’s time for the true queen to fix it. As this was foretold long ago, the prince of princess that was promised will bring the dawn.

    And I will take what is mine , with one thing my family has held true to since the beginning of our reign. Fire and blood.”(1 hour ago)

    “Will take time. To prepare, but when it’s time. The empires will strike back and reclaim the land that was rightfully theirs. Restoring order to our waters and world once more. I need more supporters. I need armor, land, more. Search.”(1 hour ago)



    Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best.

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