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    Hello to everyone on.

    This Comrade X

    There will be a new crew being formed some time in the future. We want you to join.

    This crew will be created by members who wish to have a crew where they can do as they wish and make rules for there the crew and where everyons voice is heard and no ones ideas are pushed away as weird or stupid.

    1 Members decide what the Rules of the crew will be.

    2 Members are responsible for upholding the Rules they agreed on.

    3 Members of this crew will decide who the leaders will be and leadership positions are not Permanent.

    leadership positions are rotated and Everyone has a Chance to lead the crew.

    4 Members will also create a norms list or a way that everyone in the crew is to treat each other . Being kind or respectful or how they wish to be treated.

    5 Everyone will have a vote for any major decision made such as wars, alliances, and treaties.





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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