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    Okay so I have been here playing on this server off and on for a while….. a long while.
    I have gone through phases up here sometimes I tried PVP sometimes I just laid low. I typically laid low because players would bitch (yes I used a bad word because I am fed up with the BS). People would say staff abooose (abuse) and complain forever. So essentially I stopped PVP’ing. This was back before 1.9 *so a while ago*.

    Well come back to now…. I have only been back on the server for about 3 months after a year off. Well I have decided to attempt to stab stuff again (I’m bored). You see I said attempt because I am beyond rusty as hell at stabbing stuff.

    This brings me to this post………

    Today I was at an un-named location with a few other players, I was going to attempt to stab stuff with. Then I have this player out of no where say “smokey aboose” in chat. (you know who you are :-/….) I asked “wth” I was literally standing on a roof with “invis” (yes the potion) waiting for the people I wanted to stab to come outside. So there was no abuse from me. Well come to find out after asking, said player was trying to set me up to see if I was reading there crew/ally chat with others.

    1. This is royally f’d up for the fact that you are purposefully trying to get me in trouble because I wanted to stab your damn friend.

    2. GROW THE HELL UP.… Yes I along with all staff have more perms and commands than other players but we are staff because GODS TRUSTS OUR JUDGEMENT TO BE HONEST STAFF MEMBERS. OMG is that such a hard concept for you to fathom. Evidently it is to some I am noticing.

    3. Even if I did intercept a crew/ally message ( I don’t even know if we can toggle it like we used to) as long as I don’t use the information to my advantage or tell others what the hell is the problem. I don’t like cheaters (i.e. part reason why I’m staff) so why the f*** am I going to cheat myself.


    In conclusion if you don’t like me I honestly don’t care. If you do like me hell ya. I just think its f’ed up that you are trying to get me in trouble just because I’m staff and trying to kill your friend. I have the RIGHT to be able to play like a normal player when I choose. If you can’t accept that fact well you are screwed :-p, and you will have to learn the proper coping solutions to deal with your problem.


    END OF


    PS. Stop being so damn butt-hurt (in case you need a reference http://www.piratemc.com/topic/butt-hurt-and-complaining/)

    PSS- If I offended anybody with my baby cuss words. Look at the first PS


    I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


    -Founder of Crew Savage-
    -Rear Admiral or Super Mod-
    *depends on how you want to view my super powers*

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    player equality is a big issue in this fine established community and has been since I joined in 1.7

    the first half of this sentence is a joke but #StaffArePlayersToo

    Founder of the Coalition

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    Keep you'r friends rich
    and you'r enemies rich
    and wait to find out which is which.

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