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    Hello everyone I don’t know if this has been done before or not but I thought I could possibly shed some light onto this topic and how I have set up a small Empire in about a month.


    First of all make sure you have some decent gear, have some people to join (ideally friends you have in real life for now) and at least have cadet rank.


    Second Choose where your going to set up Capital of your Empire.

    Is it going to be inland so most of your battles for it are land based and ships cannot get you from mounted cannons?

    Or are you going to be on the coast with large land mass to your back and to your front open sea, where you can get hit by ships that cannot go behind you or get attacked from the back but not by sea?

    Or what about an Island in the middle of the sea, surrounded by ocean and many ships but for those who want a ‘land’ battle they first have to get on your island?


    Third set up a base and some storage.

    Ideally make this in the ground to hide it from live map and to make it more defensive.



    Make a mine.

    Once you have this you can gather many raw materials and this can then possibly be traded, crafted or sold.


    (If on a Island or Coast).

    Make a dock area or ‘tunnel’ dock (which is basically a hole in the island or land with water inside which your boats can go in and be protected) and set up a small fleet.

    (If on a Landmass or Coast).

    Make a castle or fort and put cannons on it (if your a cadet rank you can make harming cannons which can only shoot cobble stone ‘shrapnel’) to help defend your base (recommend also doing this on ships or Islands too).



    Once you have around about 3 or 4 people (you know) in your small Empire, start recruiting people you don’t know.

    I recommend one person at a time and I usually go for Deckhands as they are more likely to stick with you as you’ve got experience and this can make the almost go ‘I might one to stay with this one’ and because they will contribute to you they are less likely to leave after work they have done.

    Also if you were to go with someone else on the server who might of played for a while be careful about letting them in, ask about them on the server to find out what their history is.

    If it’s a well working member of a team who strives to achieve their goal = Get them.

    If it’s a Person who will most likely stab you in the back, tp people to your base without your permission or will steal from you = I wouldn’t give them a chance.

    (Last 3 Paragraphs up contributed by Mr Dork)




    Get this new deckhand an Island, Hill, Mountain, Beach whatever nearby and help him set up a small base.

    Give him supplies, tips and help them build the place.

    BINGO you’ve got your first colonisation and you’ve become an Empire WOOOZA.




    Also set them a goal.

    For example, to build a successful mine, get a certain amount of wood, an impressive farm or something you might need or will need if you expand and also gives them something to do after building their base and this could also include a rank for them in the Empire too such as a Lumberjack, Miner, Farmer, Builder something like that.

    (This Part by CrazyPirate)



    So there is my guide to it.

    I have sort of also been in a rush writing this up so please don’t judge any ‘shabbiness’ ok?

    If you think I’ve missed anything out, need to expand on something I will be happy to edit this as long as it’s relative and not a something you could do later on.

    This is also not a guide on how to run an Empire, keep an Empire, win an Empire or whatever.

    Its a simple how to make an Empire from making the Capital or Centre to making your expansion to another place.

    Thank you for reading and your time.




    Crazy Pirate
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    Just to add to that;

    Offer recruits incentive, and they will work hard to achieve. Offering a rank within the Empire to those who fulfil set requirements means that; they benefit your Empire, have experience for that position, and have made money/resources/friends along the way to that rank. This can repeat as a cycle.

    Pro tip;

    Once you have become a certain size, you can recruit someone without knowing much about them. Being in a such a large group means that naturally, with little effort, they will participate in group events, and become one of you, without anyone deviating from day to day business. Again, repeat as necessary.

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    Agreed, remember that you should always have people join who aren’t hated or known for theft.


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    I think so to @MrDork if people  do have an untrustworthy history you should take precautions in letting them in.

    Also a valid point by @CrazyPirate here too, giving recruits a goal to achieve will motivate them to come on and they will feel more like they have contributed even greater to an Empire  or crew, settlement whatever, which they have.



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    How to make an empire: don’t

    assimilate yourself into the Elves

    Grand-Overseer of Vault-Tec, and overseer of Vault 121.
    Message me about joining Vault-Tec!

    The Queen
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    Show good leadership


    Mother and soul protector of the Elven Empire

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    Also you should try to give players reason to join. So if ther’s a player who wants to join but might join another Empire, Let them know why they should come to you, and if you’re an Empire who is extremely large like the BE, then don’t just say “We’re a larger Empire, so join us instead!” If you are the bigger Empire, it doesn’t mean you’re better.

    This post that I posted on this post about something is probably useles information.............

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    Empires will fall…


    Ryeaka~ Captain &

    Leader of The Davy Jones Locker Pirate Crew.

    ~Ryeaka~ Leader & Captain of The DavyJonesLocker Pirate Crew

    ~Pirate WarLord of the Pirate Court~

    Crazy Pirate
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    Of course they will…to be replaced by a bunch of piratic crew’s secretly plotting against each other? I think not. If you’ve been on this server for only a month, and lack a crew of your own, where is your power to unite pirates, who have spate goals and allegiances that last before you arrived.

    The outlaws, to cite one example, control verussia, which Raven, and other pirates, have promised they will attack.

    • Topics: 66
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    Wow im pleased this topic is still going strong.

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