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    My Username: RatRaceRobot
    Coordinates: In the screenshots below
    Approximate Regen radius: maybe a thousand blocks, the area is quite blatant
    Reason: someone decided to go ham with a g shovel. It’s ugly
    (opt) Map link: PirateCraft Live Map (piratemc.com)
    (opt) Region ID: A minecraft region file is a 32×32 chunks area, a secondary method to regen a giant area fast. Use /getpos and put that into https://dinnerbone.com/minecraft/tools/coordinates/ to get the filename!

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    10 in game dollers says its Egypt

    Law school sucks

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    skill gap

    Former leader of scamming sailors and raiding them
    Has experience in running from the cops
    Has raided lots of chungeses per-

    Former leader of Rome|
    Former advisor and leader of copt|
    Founder and Ceo of being better then you|

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    i did it

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