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    While talking peacefully in chat with LEGO, he asked me if i wanted to regen my base. I said gently that he would not do that. Then i asked him that we could do a 1V1, and that the looser would get his base wiped. He didn’t refuse, and told me to do a post. Also if LEGO don’t want his base regenned, then we could negociate the ban of my very nice player called “Victi11” to reduce his sentence.  For sure the 1v1 will not involve OP staff gear, or commands.

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    Heya @Palapourheal . If you want to go ahead and make a 1v1 challenge, you should use a barter that you can hold up. Even if two players go into that, you cannot hold an admin responsible to carry it out. They have no part in it unless they agreed to it beforehand. It’s kinda like I got into an arm-wrestle match and the winner has to pay no taxes for 2020 . xd How ?

    As to your 2nd option of reducing a ban for an xray offense of a 3rd person. Those are pretty much clean cut and they just have to wait it out – even if it is painful to only watch the server from a distance.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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