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    I don’t want to be spammy however I would like to state two things before closing my case.

    First, I wasn’t trying to insult anyone with the title of my post, I’m sorry if you took it personally Gods. Yes, it was mostly my mistake however, the two other times I changed it simply said “your crew fee is already 1$. Crew fee set to 1$” so I just thought it wasn’t doing anything. The only time it ever said “-$500″ was the first time.

    Second, where here does it mention anything about being charged $500, once, or multiple times?:

    Crew leaders can set a tax for their crew members that will automatically deduct the payment every 24 hours into their crew bank.Crew tax is limited to a maximum of £5 per person.Crew leaders can set the crew fee with /crew set fee 5 then enable it with /crew toggle fee. A Bulletin board message will be added when a fee is changed, be aware leaders can clear BB messages now (as they did previously with empty blank messages) Inactive crew members are purged for being inactive for 365 days (I have requested a purge of banned players) You can check your crews Tax status by using  /crew fee check, this will list if its enabled and what the fee is. ‘ If you cannot afford your fee, you will automatically be kicked out of the crew. Crew fees are entirely optional to the crew, this will add a new dynamic to the economy and crews bank balances, pick your crew wisely!”

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    If gods closes a thread don’t make a new one lmao. You’re only making your grave deeper


    Only I can talk back to gods (and then get banned, but I digress)

    The Plastic Pirate
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    Like the two posts you made about being lockered a few days ago, don’t make a same/similar thread about the same thing if it gets closed the first time round. This is what discord or ingame/forum PMs are there for.

    Closed, again.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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