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    I figured I’d share some of my favorite and iconic ship tutorials with you lot. Many of you know I build my own ships, but I still took a lot of inspiration by some of these people (and no, I won’t be including a ship tutorial of my own). I will be including ships that can be made and sailed on the server (under 5000 blocks), and I’ll try to estimate what size they are. Enjoy.

    Note: Feel free to build any of them on the server, and give the credit to the builders. They are tutorials, so no entering them in BoTMs, and they aren’t in any particular order. 

    1. The Black Pearl, by Lord Dakr

    Lets start off with one of the most common ships on the server. I guarantee you will have stumbled across one of these somewhere in the world – I myself own two. A big ship, with lots of space – perfect for ship battles, and its reasonably easy to build! This ship comes in at under 5000 blocks making it an Indiaman (Captain rank).

    2. Small boat, by JesterWish

    The smallest boat on this list, but a nice looking one. Small, simple, that can be built by anyone within 20 minutes. With a few modifications (such as removing any unnecessary buttons/details), you can get this to within 150 blocks making it this list’s only Dhow (any rank can sail these!).

    3. 14-Gun Brig, by Lord Dakr

    Yep, another one of Lord Dakr’s ships, and you’ll be seeing a few more of his in this list. All of his ships have great proportions which allow for many cannons, and easy movement on board. This ship is among my favorites on this list, due to it’s sleek look. This ship comes in at between 1800-2000 blocks making it a compact Manowar (Lieutenant rank or above).

    4. Small ship, by Wes Moula

    A simple name for a simple ship. Whether you’re using it as a home, have it on display, or are actively raging battles in one – they’re easy to fix, and look surprisingly good with the right colour scheme. The main deck has tonnes of space for cannons and crew alike. This ‘small’ ship comes in at around 850 blocks making them Frigates (Gunner rank or above).

    5. Viking Longboat, by ThorHammerhead

    A Viking ship on a pirate themed server? Hell yeah! Who wouldn’t want to be seen in one of these fearsome ships. They’re sleek, fast, and have a mean face and do they’re job just fine. This ship comes in at around 500 blocks, making it a Brig (Carpenter rank or above). A smaller schooner version built by PaulonFire can be bought at /warp ships.

    6. Chinese Junk, by Lord Dakr

    Keeping with the slightly different ships designs of other countries, why not throw in an oriental touch? These ships looks great against a sunset in almost any port. This particular version comes in at around 900 blocks making it another Frigate (Gunner rank or above). Another smaller version is available on Lord Dakr’s channel coming in at around 450 blocks, and another larger version that’s around 1200 blocks – meaning you could make yourself an entire fleet 🙂

    7. Medieval Ship, by Madness64

    A small, and seemingly plain little ship, but one that is easy to build for anyone, requires very few materials, and does its job surprisingly well in a ship battle. These little beasts may not look too imposing, but by adding a personal touch, they really start to shine! This little bugger comes in at around 350 blocks, making it a Schooner (Sailor rank or above).

    8. Schooner, by Lord Dakr

    Not much to say about this one, a small and compact vessel that allows for lots of modifications. I have a modified version sitting at my port with 4 cannons on it, and having narrow sails makes is very easy to store within a busy port! This little beauty comes in around 600 blocks, making it a Brig (Carpenter rank or above).

    9. Schooner (2), by Lord Dakr

    The final ship that I’m including from Lord Dakr’s vast collection of ship building tutorials. This ship is smaller than his previous Schooner design, but still comes in at ~500 blocks making it a small Brig once more (Carpenter rank or above). You could probably trim it down in a few places and get it to a Schooner size (Sailor rank or above).

    10. Small Fishing Boat, by Dukonred1

    Lets finish on something small shall we? A nifty little vessel, perfect for sailors and other low ranks. These ships look great, whether in port, or out fishing. they are a little small for use in a ship battle, but hey – desperate times call for desperate measures. This is probably my favorite ship on the list, due to the detail that went into its design. This fishing boat comes in at around 350 blocks making it a Schooner (Sailor rank or above). An enlarged and modified version can be found for sale at /warp ships2 (designed by me).

    Thanks for reading and happy building!

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    That first ship is such a nice boat to build! Ive had one before but she sank, rip. My signature boat is that fourth one, you can see it sitting on my docks but with a seagull emblem in the cloudy white sails!

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    A endermite kicked my ass

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