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Icy Wizard
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Through the years of me knowing Pala, and him being in BE for a part of that time, I know him. I know his past, and how he used to be before. He was very rebellious player in that past, to say the least, but he’s changed. I’ve been talking to him here and there, and we’ve been interacting with each other. I would really hope for Pala to come back to the PMC community. I will vouch that he has changed, and for the better.

Now for the people saying his Alt,
Seriously guys what the actual fuck? He used an Alt to prove the real him and how he has changed. You’re be really fastidious doing so. Come on man, he’s changed. I get it breaks the rules, but he was only showing his true self.

I love Pala, and I wish for him to come back. I’m flabbergasted knowing that there’s better things to come if he comes back – a lot.

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