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The lag has gotten better in my opinion. This server has surprisingly the least amount of pot lag I have ever seen. Compared to many other popular pvp servers. For instance, take a look at some of the old pmc montages and compare the lag to today. The lag is not bad at all, in fact the lag has gotten so much better. To say that the veterans quit because of pot lag would be inaccurate I would think because of how much better it has actually gotten. Now the event problem. The problem with event is the solely the ironclad. It is too common and gives 4 armor for basically no speed. I suggest that maybe in the next event we bring back the turkey carver but make it diamond or something to make it so people actually take some damage. Now if you were to go with his idea to add vanishing to all ironclads, I would suggest to maybe try to do something with the pumpkin shield because I would expect it to be really good. Now, I would not know if it would be very good but its just a speculation. Now time for the siege problem. I agree that not having siege is annoying but there isn’t much Godsy can do about that. He has to wait for the people that made the plugin. Thank you for taking time to read this post lol.

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