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i will say first hes a idiot for what he did. but ive personally spoken to him and he is honeslty sorry for his actions. he regrets what he did and i know he wont be dumb enough todo it again. we all make mistakes but luke ive played with on Minecraft for quiet a while and hes a very helpful good player jsut sometimes we all dont think right. He helps with events alot and i will say the reason we took a break from events is because of the help Luke has done. The past events have been a 3 person team and without one of us three they dont work. so until luke is able to return we will not be able to contiune events. I do know he wont do it again. personnaly i know hes learned his lesson but its up to you to pass your own judgement on the matter. but thats my 2 cents and i dont speak much on here so for whatever its worth there it is.

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