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Sadly you’re going to have to rebuild, I do have a copy of your shop on test server from a while ago tho.

We have a backup system, but its not as easy to restore as it was previously in 1.12 as the world file-size tripled, so the new backup system keeps day changes over 1 master copy for 10+ days, the downside of this, is if I need to restore I have to re-build from this system which takes a long time to re-create the world, this is so I can have 10+ days of backups at a filesize that is manageable, otherwise I would only be able to keep 1 day of backups.

So its saved for catastrophic failure only and not quick restores for players like I was able to do before, which does open us up to grief like this (for the time being).

Please do feel free to create a support ticket for the moderation team if you wish to report those responsible.

Sadly for you, its on my todo list to re-create my old restore system by using an additional server I have on the same network, but its down the bottom of my todo list as I have backups working & also working off site! So this is only QOL for myself for quick restores!

All I can offer you right now is a copy of your shop from test server as that will be fast to copy over.

Feel free to DM me on Discord.

I suggest you rebuild and plan revenge on getting backstabbed.

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