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Yes, I acknowledge that reducing cooldown while keeping trade rates as they are would be too OP for villagers. I think the best way to combat this would be to increase the amount of crops for each trade. Prior to the update 8-10 pumpkins/melons per emerald was the ideal trade and now its 6 and 4 respectively. If we manage to find a good way of making it possible to farm emeralds off of 1-2 farmers again, I think we should raise prices back to 8-10 as they were before and maybe tinker with the settings so that it raises the cost for every hundred emeralds traded (for example). The reason i suggest that it raise by the hundred and not a lower number is that if prices raise too drastically people will simply go back to having 10-15 farmers just to avoid the cost increase.

To other people using villagers for emerald trading, does that seem like a reasonable compromise that will keep you from needing multiple farmers?

I have been tinkering with the settings in the plugin that I mentioned in my original post, but I don’t want to delve too deep if the config there is drastically different from what you are using. Would you mind telling me what system we use so I can work on a well balanced system?


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