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Hey Gods, I think panda does raise a very valid point. Villager trading in 1.18 requires MANY villagers if you want to be trading on a large scale like many people do due to that daily cap. This means to be able to produce as much as we did pre update, we would need massive villager halls. I’ve spoken to many people about that issue and many of us just accept that fact, even though its a large inconvenience. The issue with not regulating it using a mod like the one panda suggested is that people are going to find a way to trade as much as they did, may that be through giant villager halls or through only a couple of villagers per trade if a mod is implemented (as we had before). We understand that having these giant villager halls are a very big negative impact on performance, so its for the servers good that a mod such as that one should be implemented. It would also make it so that villagers can get their AI back to normal and we could use automatic breeders, auto carrot/potato farms and iron farms as we have had up till now.

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