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Right, I adjusted my settings & tried all I could listed on that forum you made (which is really cool that you made it) but it all did nothing.

Testing connection to Germany & such? I still get a good download & amazing upload (80-100mb). I have fantastic internet and I have no issues with any other 1.18 servers (I’ve played a variety, while PMC was offline) and not a single one had me above 50ms ping, some being based in Europe.

I’m not sure what tf to do now, as in times like right now when I’m writing this I literally am unable to so much as log into the server. Server-List shows me having 150-180ms ping but when I log in its 4000+ and I can’t do anything on the server prior to being kicked.
Strangest fucking thing is, 1/2 of the day I am able to play great… normal… and have absolutely no delays for HOURS! Then into the night (EST) around 7-8pm it starts doing this to me.

Anyway, idk wtf the problem is lol

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