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That is indeed correct, it would make teleporting like that awful, However, with slight changes (I.E no teleporting with weapons, explosives, armour items in bulk etc etc) it could work if given some thought and work into it

For example making a big port for traders at the shops
Making certain help for non official stores like better claims, or something that makes pvp disabled in a region.
basically helping the community be a little bit less reliant on the filthy rich and actually having some kind of goal with ships and stuff other than-

“hey I heard you can buy rly cheap wood at /shop 7”

“Really? Lemme go there real quick and sell it at the opposite end of the world in like 3 minutes because i have a tp there”

See, if any mods, admins, helpers, etc etc are reading this then I just want to say that this would give quite a big meaning to the word “pirate” Cause, well…. unless you really put lots of interest in it theres not much to do that fits the point and meaning of piratecraft, sure, you can raid ships and do stuff like that but that is rare, FORCING people to go on ships would result in a lot more of the cool and unique features of PC to be used.

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