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Honestly Gods, I think its incredible you’re willing to put all the effort into keeping players data & items – but it would save you, and the entire team, a huge amount of time away from life & family during the holidays & life in general if PMC were to just reset or have a nearly full reset.

A reset (or nearly full reset) would motivate a lot of former players to return, and really motivate a lot of the community to do much greater things especially with a “new world” with the amazing new features in 1.17 and features before.

With villagers being removed, a lot players including some of the wealthiest players are already hit hard – I feel that a transition to a new world, with new data, could be extremely beneficial for the community including the veterans. Perhaps if this were the path taken, Veterans (or extremely wealthy players, whether with Event items or currency) could be rewarded with extremely rare features or noble tags & such in appreciation.

And if this was even slightly in consideration – perhaps a community poll or vote would be a great idea.

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