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they are supposed to be a rare and hard to come by item, even in vanilla survival. we have borders here for many reasons, but that’s a complete different topic. one argument people will use against elytra is ship use. gods can use his time to fix far more important bugs than one that only affects a very small pool of people. the reduction of ely in the server is INTENDED. the glitch isn’t, but still plays into godsy’s hand indirectly. the bottom line is, gods has stated himself that he has absolutely 0 intentions of bringing back elytras. whatever is in the world, is what we got. and he also will not fix the ely bug. how do you think people got around in 1.8? before elytra was even introduced? walking. the server had it’s time where ely was available (lack of a better word, ‘available’ meaning possible to obtain in general), now it’s time to put them to rest. theyre relics now, and it’s far more healthy for the server to leave them at that.

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